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About Artsake.

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Pictured: Co-Founders Clio Honig & Gabriel Kakon

Part of Artsake is drawing inspiration from what’s unattainable, making it our own and making it accessible.
—Clio, Co-Founder

About The Founders.

Meet The Creative Minds Behind Artsake

Creative Director

Clio’s quirky, free-flowing approach along with her bold and colorful style, is what gives her a signature aesthetic and unique point of view. An artist ever since her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in her native country of Belgium, Artsake is her personal contribution to the arts; an effort to share her success with fellow artists the world over.

Creative Director’s Husband.

With a background in architecture, industrial design, and founder of renowned design-studio Gabriel Scott, Gabriel has established himself as a tastemaker and curator in the luxury market. His keen aesthetic and appreciation for fine art centers around the importance of the home as a point of departure for stylish self-expression.

Q: How did the idea for Artsake come to you? Why were you passionate about sharing it with others?

Gabriel: When renovating our own family home, the natural last step was to add artwork to each room. Lucky for us, all we needed to do was come up with clever ideas for Clio to whip up in her home studio. We soon understood what came naturally to us may not be the case for many others and realized the lack of attainable art-buying options.

Clio: Choosing art for your home should be a fun and exciting process rather than an intimidating or scary one. We really wanted to design a collection that felt easy to explore.

Q: Do you feel your different backgrounds play an important part in bringing this to life?

Gabriel: Absolutely! Clio is a great creative — working with local artists to create and design each of the pieces while my background helps integrate these artworks as a lifestyle. Whether it be the art or the decor process, there is a common style element to both those components.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with Artsake?

Clio: Part of Artsake is drawing inspiration from what’s unattainable, making it our own and making it accessible and less intimidating. People are stuck in the old-fashion way of engaging with art, but it doesn’t have to be so serious. Be spontaneous, be playful — that’s why we include humor and nostalgia in the design of each of our pieces, to make the decision easier and give people the confidence knowing their choice will be well-appreciated and a real conversation starter.

Q: What is your #1 tip when it comes to buying art?

Gabriel: Don’t put it off. Art is often one of the final purchases when finishing a home or office or wherever. To us, this is the difference between finishing a space and making it finally feel complete.

About The Design Process.

How We Create Our Canvas Art

From concept to canvas, Gabriel and Clio thoughtfully create and design each piece you see in our collection, then working with our team of local artists, perfect each artwork, every detail.

Our very first piece ‘Lucky Charms’ started with a picture I took. It felt relatable and nostalgic. It’s the most junk food cereal but it’s also the most iconic.

—Gabriel, on finding inspiration in everyday life

Inspo & ideas.

Drawing inspiration from everywhere, Gabriel & Clio regularly comb though their photos of intriguing colors, patterns, objects and techniques to envision their next piece.

Mockups & sketches.

Piecing together their favorite elements on Photoshop or sketching it by hand, the first rendering of the artwork is designed internally before Clio prints out her high quality reference images.

Painting & perfecting.

After outlining the piece on her canvas, Clio paints the original artwork using oil or acrylic paint. Clio also oversees and works closely with a small team of local artists best suited for certain subjects or techniques.

Scanning & printing.

Once a painting is complete, a high-resolution image is taken of the original artwork. The image is then printed on 100% organic cotton canvas with UV & fade-resistant HP latex-based inks for a truly authentic look and feel.

Assembly & delivery.

For a clean & minimalist finish, every canvas is professionally hand-stretched & gallery-wrapped on hardwood stretcher bars then assembled in your choice of free hardwood frame. Your piece will arrive ready to hang within 10-12 business days.

Hanging & admiring.

Each piece comes complete with an easy-to-use hanging kit for a fast installation. Now all you have to do is take a step back and admire the new addition to your home.

More About Our Curated Collection.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Art Piece

Q: How do you curate the collection and decide which pieces to add?

Gabriel: We ask ourselves ‘would we hang this in our home’ and look for those ‘yes’ moments where it’s not too complicated or esoteric. We curate and create with a taste for lifestyle.

Clio:  We focus on designing content that is nostalgic or relatable, content that makes you feel good and makes you say, ‘oh I love that,’ or ‘that’s so me.’ It’s that gentle tug at your heart that gives you the confidence that you made the right choice.

Q: Any tips on how to choose the ‘right’ piece?

Clio: Choose something that either reflects who you are or reflects the space you’re in. For example an abstract artwork typically goes well with a more formal space like a dining room. On the flip side, a more casual environment — say the kitchen, can see more humor or bold-colored art.

Q: Which frame finish should I go with?

Gabriel: Typically, the default frame-finish shown is what we consider to be the nicest match for each artwork. But don’t forget to factor in your space — consider your floors, existing built-in or furniture pieces. Matching these tones can really help tie the artwork together.

Q: How do I know which size will fit best?

Gabriel: Measure well! Use tape to help you visualize the size if you have to. Our ‘view in room’ feature is also a great way to see our pieces in your home. The goal is to fill your wall, making the space feel impressive, while leaving breathing room around the art as to not overcrowd it. In the end, you’re better to go a little bigger than too small.

Q: Why aren’t your pieces signed?

Clio: As a team of creatives and designers of art, Gabriel and I come up with the concepts and mockups and then I work with our team of local artists to assist in executing and painting each piece. The art really comes from our studio as a whole rather than one person.

Q: Can I purchase the original artwork painted by Clio or your team of artists?

Clio: Absolutely. If you’re interested in purchasing the original artwork and other unique pieces, contact us.

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