Art Imitates Life: Sports Edition

We’ve all walked into that man cave before and struggled to find the words to express just how rugged and unrefined those boxing gloves or sweaty, old jersey are hanging thumbtacked to the walls. But we get it, you love your sports, you want to remember the heyday, and your walls are a living shrine to your favorite players.


Here’s the thing, when guests come over and gasp for air upon witnessing your memorabilia, you know it’s time to up the sophistication level. We want you to hang on to the things you love, they make you who you are. But maybe, just maybe, you might consider transforming that toy car display into a painted vintage car art piece?

artwork shown, Balboa

It’s More Than Memorabilia.

One of the great things about creating a showcase to the hobby you love is that it’s easy to draw inspiration from the athletic world. Everything from tennis courts to boxing gloves to race cars, each is an interesting subject for a painting not only because there is a winning match behind the pair of boxing gloves, but also because those gloves embody protection, power, and act as a symbol of nobility. We say hang those gloves, but painted version only.

artwork shown, Balboa

It's Transportive.

Imagine walking into your living space and staring at a freshly cleaned tennis court just waiting for match, set, love. Your living room is instantly transformed into the aspiration of a game between friends waiting to be played. that saw your rival’s defeat. Whatever it is about the sport, the look in your rival’s eyes as they see defeat or that loving high five post-match, invite that energy into the space with living art.

artwork shown, Forty Love.

artwork shown, Forty Love.

artwork shown, Shallow End

It's Inviting.

We like to think of swimming as more than a sport or hobby; it’s also a beautiful landscape of rolling tides and summer sun. With the bluest blues and brightest hues, a beach or pool scene act as an incredibly welcoming backdrop to any room. The color palette alone brings in warmth and then, of course, we all have a memory that water draws us into, which means your painting acts as a portal of depth to all onlookers. Magical, right?

artwork shown, Shallow End

It's a Conversation.

We’ve all got something hanging in our homes or offices that sparks conversation with our friends and guests. Because our favourite items represent us and are great ways for us to get to know each other. Whatever sport you love is the exact right starting point for inspiration and connection.

artwork shown, Vintage Helmet 02

artwork shown, Vintage Helmet 02

Next time you’re thinking of hanging a sweaty old jersey or displaying a tin toy car, why not up the ante on your memory and give your cultural artifact that wall real estate it deserves?





(1.5" Depth)


(2" Depth)

12" x 18"

13.5" x 19.5"

16" x 24"
17.5" x 25.5"
24" x 36"
25.5" x 37.5"
32" x 48"

33.5" x 49.5"

40" x 60"
41.5" x 61.5"
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