Top 5 Pieces to Decorate a Kids Room

A kid’s room is often seen as an opportunity for bright colors, patterned upholstery, fluffy rugs, and stuffed animals. Your kid's room (playroom or bedroom) is a chance to be playful and still reflect
the overall style and taste of your home.


Sometimes the simplest way to bring in the fun and amp up the playfulness is with art. With finishing touches like chrome balloons and rubber duckies, your kids’ walls can come alive with humorous and lighthearted elements that bring smiles to everyone that crosses that magical threshold.

Life is Sweet.

A fun-filled reminder of all things sweet, a stand-alone gummy bear or Lucky Charms painting can fill the room with color, sugar, and fond memories of yummy times. If the walls have the space for it, you might consider hanging three or four smaller-sized  gummy or cereal paintings to add dynamism and ironic lightness to the room.

artwork shown, Lucky Charms.

artwork shown, Lucky Charms.

artwork shown, Be Kind Rewind.

Press Start to Play.

Bring movement to the room with
an ode to movies. Bringing play to the space is more than a reminder that you’re young at heart, it’s a way of saying that play is a central part of growing up. What better way to do that than with a throwback from your childhood?

artwork shown, Be Kind Rewind.

Connect the Dots.

There are those paintings that tell the whole story, and then there are those that invite us to connect the dots. A colorful pop dot painting is an interactive way for your child’s mind to create pathways and imaginary designs as they drift off to sleep. Pops of color and sparks of imagination, what more could you ask from a painting?

artwork shown, Pop Dot.

artwork shown, Pop Dot.

artwork shown, Creamsicle.

The Melt Down.

A metaphor not lost on any parent; a melting popsicle is that perfect inside joke that can stay between us. They love the  melting popsicle because it reminds them of those
hot summer days when sticky, sweet sugar melts down their arm. You love it because it is a story that represents both the warmth of that sugar-high smile and the meltdown that inevitably ensues quickly thereafter. The full spectrum of a joyful day all in one melting popsicle.

artwork shown, Creamsicle.

Art Lovers.

One last piece of guidance: when it comes to choosing art for your kids' rooms - get their input! If your kids are old enough to point or talk, let them be part of the process because appreciating art can and should start young.


*Remember to hang your pieces lower than the standard 57” from the floor because when it comes to a kid’s room, eye level means something different.

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