Is Your Home Host-Ready for the Holidays?

The holiday season is fast approaching and while some of us are already packing for warm getaways, others are getting ready to welcome guests into their home. You might be hosting a dinner, brunch, or a holiday party, or you might even be opening your home for short-stay visits. Whatever the situation may be, there is always an opportunity to up the ante on your host vibe.

Here’s our two cents:

artwork shown, Start By Starting.

First and Foremost...

... there is an art to gathering that we’d like to acknowledge. It’s starts with a warm welcome, good music, a little atmosphere, and of course, your walls. Creating a space that sets the tone is vital when bringing people together. With the right conversation starters, art can fill a room with dynamic chatter and a story-filled time.

Speaking of atmosphere, nothing says festive like some good ol’ holiday cheer. Not the tacky kind where one too many ugly sweaters make an appearance. We won’t need any of that if your walls are giving people something to talk about. Make it funny, make it memorable, make it transportive; give it colour, mood, and shiny objects. The kind of stuff that just makes you feel like you want to stay all night, if you’re into that sort of thing…

artwork shown, Fragments.

So Your Space is Set...

...but what about thinking outside of the box? Imagine the host bonus points you’d get if you offered parting gifts? Almost like grown-up loot bags, but so much better because these gifts are art so they’re sophisticated and cultured and stand the test of time. A bottle of champagne or some resort wear, a a great book or even some art! Whatever inspires your guests most is on the table as a thanks-for-coming gift.

artwork shown, Pink Bubbly.

And Finally...

...just to get the obvious out of the way: practical jokes. Seriously though, we’re not kidding. Guests come in and see the space, get used to the look and feel, and even talk about the art for a super long inspired time, but what if, at some point during the evening, you switch things up!? An abstract elevated tone for evening dinner and some over-easy eggs for morning brunch because, why not?

Every family has their traditions, from exchanging gifts to spreading gratitude, but this year you’ll use art as a way to ring in the new year and spread the love. Art is so extremely personal and intimate that if you get it right, the affection has real lifetime value.

artwork shown, Safety Matches.

Speaking for people worldwide,’s safe to say that celebrating the holidays surrounded by loved ones is something we’ve all learned we should definitely not take for granted. So this year, when you’re getting your home host-ready, think about how you can make the holidays extra special with art!






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