Holiday Gift Guide

Giving a gift for the holidays is more than just checking someone off your list, it’s a chance to suspend thinking about yourself and indulge in thoughts of someone else for a while. From diving deep into exploring what they love and what would make them happy, a gift is a way to say I know and love this about you.

artwork shown, PINK BUBBLY

Art is a special gift because it not only shows that you know who they are by highlighting an element of their personality, it is also the gift that keeps on giving. Art hangs in a home and so you gift is a way of being part of the recipient’s home, part of their every day. So here are a few ideas for your special friend to bring out more of there is-ness!

BIG KAHUNA BURGER in white frame.

The Foodie.

Whether they are willing to try anything at least once or are stuck in their cereal-eating ways, this person loves every last bit of food! From Extra Sauce on the side to PB&J, enjoying foods is just part of their everyday culture. They have a taste for local foods and they consider food an extreme sport, you’re glad to have this person in your life because their taste buds open your palette to new Miracle Whip adventures.

BIG KAHUNA BURGER in white frame.

The Fashionista.

They are always dressed to the nines with the perfect outfit. On point with that Semi-Formal look or trendy purse. The perfect mix of jeans with kicks or Cashmere sweater tucked into a stylish skirt, this person is photo ready and brings out the fashionista in you.

PERFECTO in black frame.

PERFECTO in black frame.

DOTTED SPEEDSTER shown in white frame.

The Car Lover.

They’ve always had a penchant for the coolest rides. Whether it’s the trendiest new Dotted Speedster or the Original 911, they’ve got to take it out for a spin and they’re taking you along for the ride! When they aren’t playing with cars, they are playing with model Testarossas lining their glass-encased office displays! That’s why we know there’s nothing like a stunning painting to add to their car collection.

DOTTED SPEEDSTER shown in white frame.

The Book Reader.

Morning coffee with the Sunday Times, this person never goes anywhere without something to read. They love a good a story and always fill you in on the wonders of their bookish ways. Bring this reader’s dreams to life with a framed painting of their favourite hobby.

artwork show, The Sunday Times

artwork show, The Sunday Times

artwork shown, Chrome Hearts

The Heart Throb.

This person is more than just a sweetie pie, they’ve got a heart of gold or maybe, dare we say, Chrome!? Filled with love, they’ll make you feel all the feels, in fact, if this were still the 90s, they’d be making you weekly Mixed Tapes. From big hugs to kissing bugs, they are the heart-throbbing spark plug that wears love on their… walls!?

artwork shown, Chrome Hearts






(1.5" Depth)


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