Gifting Art for the Holidays

As the holidays approach it’s time to start making a list of all the people you plan to buy a gift for. You’ve got the usual suspects and perhaps even the go-to gifts you know are easy wins, but this year, you want to go the extra mile and send meaningful gifts to friends who play an important role in your life. When we say role, we don’t mean archetypes like the typical cheerleader, jock, or geek like we see in the movies. Nope, those archetypes don’t reflect the real world. In real life, friend groups are more nuanced than that. But hey, for the sake of Artsake, we’ll have our fun with archetypes and pair art for every person in your friend group!

The Party Animal

There’s always that pal that you know is down for anything. Ready for a night on the town or a last-minute rager, this friend not only drops everything to be your plus-one but is also the perfect partner in crime. The laughs, the memories, and About Last Night catch up over breakfast to spill the tea! There’s one in every group, am I right?

artwork shown, START BY STARTING.

artwork shown, START BY STARTING.

artwork shown, LAST CONCERT - QUEEN

Concert Partner

A special kind of friend, you share the same love of music and will stay up all night to wait for the album drop or for those Last Tickets to go on sale. From overnight lineups and outdoor festivals to sold-out concerts, you two will crank up the Sex Pistols, Queen, or The Ramones, because rocking out is how you bond.

artwork shown, LAST CONCERT - QUEEN

The Eco Friend

We all have one, that friend who pushes us to do better and be better for our planet. The Greta Thunberg’s of the world who want to make our world last beyond our footprint. The friend who bikes to work deserves to be celebrated with Velo or Bike Anatomy, because although you don’t hop onto the eco train, you love that this friend talks about it… all the time.

artwork shown, VELO

artwork shown, VELO

artwork shown, GANG SIGNS

The Activist

Speaking of doing better and being better, don’t we all have that one friend who believes in not one but all the causes. Nothing moves this friend more than a good rally or viral Instagram movement. They’ve got True Grit, will take to the streets with Paris Graffiti, and is all about the
picket signs. They’re The Revolution, the cause, the outspoken friend you love for believing in something bigger than themselves.

artwork shown, GANG SIGNS

The Travel Buddy

Just because we are friends doesn’t mean we travel well together, right? Some pair better than others. But this friend is your ride or die – road trips, European tours, and Spring Breaks, this friend is the one you book each trip with because they just make everything more fun! From Cali Palms to Shades of Arizona, this buddy is already planning your next big adventure.

artwork shown, NEXT STOP CAPRI

artwork shown, NEXT STOP CAPRI






(1.5" Depth)


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