Gifting Art for the Holidays

Choosing the right gift is an art. You become part private eye, part psychologist trying to suss out what personality traits or desires match the perfect object. We know that gifting can be a tricky business so we made it easy for you. Think of gifts as expressions, as a type of communication. You want to show your best buds that you’ve been paying attention, and that you “get them.” Nothing says “I see you” like carefully chosen art, works as uniquely expressive as your best crew.

The Party Animal

Pop goes the Pink Bubbly & you’re in for an incredible night! Your true blue bestie who drops everything to be your plus-one! Swimming in joie-de-vivre, they bring the party, the after party, then the sunrise walk home dishing About Last Night. The friend who reminds us that no matter what’s
happening, our lives are worth celebrating! 

artwork shown, START BY STARTING.

artwork shown, START BY STARTING.

artwork shown, LAST CONCERT - QUEEN

Concert Partner

They made you your first mixed tape and introduced you to Patti Smith’s Horses.  You have spent endless hours gushing over Bowie and debating the merits of ODB’s debut together. From overnight lineups and outdoor festivals to sold-out concerts, you two will crank up the Sex PistolsQueen, or The Ramones, because rocking out is how you bond.   

artwork shown, LAST CONCERT - QUEEN

The Eco Friend

The one with the clear vision, a world where nature is untouched, like the image of a pristine waterfront. That friend who thinks about their carbon footprint. The only thing they love more than recycling is riding their bikes. Celebrate their conscientious lifestyle with Velo or Bike Anatomy.  

artwork shown, VELO

artwork shown, VELO

artwork shown, GANG SIGNS

The Activist

The one who organizes rally’s, knows The Revolution will not be televised, so they are out there on the streets with Paris Graffiti, fighting the good fight. They listen as The Boss laments about the ravages of war, the underdogs, those that don’t get a break. They have no doubt when Patti Smith sings “People have the Power”! You love this friend for believing in something greater than themselves.

artwork shown, GANG SIGNS

The Travel Buddy

You look at each other and smile with that once upon a time at the Chateau
 we ran into Leo story and burst out laughing. This is your ride-or-die friend. Climb Annapurna - no problem! Ride the pacific coast highway in a vintage SL to Big Sur - you’re down.

From Cali Palms to Shades of Arizona, this fab globetrotter is already planning your next big adventure. 

artwork shown, NEXT STOP CAPRI

artwork shown, NEXT STOP CAPRI

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24" x 36"
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