Art in Unconventional Places

Bare walls are prime real estate for art – a focal point to tie a space together or create a backdrop to add mood and drama. We all know which rooms I’m talking about: living rooms, bedrooms, and offices are your typical spaces that get artful consideration and all our tender, loving, design care.

artwork shown, Black Arches

But there are more spaces in your home than the major rooms. Your hallway, for example, might feel finished with some mood lighting, but why not add a gallery wall or triptych?

Something that shows movement and adds dynamism to the space? If you’re not understanding what I’m getting at, let me spell it out: every space is an opportunity, and while some are more unconventional than others, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay them as much attention.

artworks shown, left: Chelsea. Right: Dotted Speedster

Walk-in Closet

Small or large, every piece has the capacity to pack a punch. That’s what we love about decorating a walk-in closet with an eye-catching piece that either picks up on the tones and colors or adds a little aspiration to your wardrobe. Fashion-oriented, portraiture, or abstract,
the art you display should be as expressive as the clothes you wear!

artwork shown, Side of Fries


We spend so much time in our kitchens and still, it often remains the most under-decorated space in our homes. Filled with functional design and cabinetry, we forget that there are bare walls just begging to speak! For a kitchen, you could go small but mighty with a pop of color, transport yourself to a lush locale, or add a little irony with an artistic food display.

artwork shown, Side of Fries


Most people stock their bookshelves with, well, books. Some venture into small sculptural items or even plants, but why not inject a little life with a piece of art!? Whether you hang it or lean your canvas against the wall stacked on some coffee table books, art is a great way to create space, declutter, and add color.

artworks shown, top shelf: Perfect Fit. On the desk from left; Grillz, Paul Pink, and Mid Century Yellow.


Bet you didn’t think we’d go there, but a bathroom is hands-down our favorite unconventional space to hang (or lean) art. Get cheeky (pun intended) with an on-the-nose, humorous piece or play with the room and add a rubber ducky. Bathrooms range in size, so why not open the space up with some color or dramatize it with subject matter? Just remember, when you hang art above the toilet, some get to enjoy it more than others…

artwork shown, Rouge Finale

artwork shown, Rouge Finale

artwork shown, Grand Entrance


Garden, patio, yard, we are surrounded by outdoor space, which makes it a perfect environment for art. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, consider creating a vibe with art. Propped up on tabletops or against furniture, art adds color and richness to the overall décor and is the perfect conversation starter. For more permanent options, you can hang your canvas outdoors, just be sure to clean the wall first and protect the art against the natural elements.

artwork shown, Grand Entrance

Art is a powerfully warm and inviting tool that creates character, vibe, connection, and drama. You can brighten a space with a pop of bubble gum or make people laugh with a trusty old box of Wheaties. Whatever it is, we believe your walls are blank canvases waiting for the magic to arrive!
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