First Time Art Buyers
Buying art for the first time is an exciting moment in your life. Whether you’re decorating a new space or finally got that office you deserve, you’re at the point where you’re gonna let the walls do some of the talking. We know the process can be overwhelming, and honestly, when it comes to art, the possibilities are truly endless. From abstract and textured color to humor or nostalgia, the range of content is as wide as it is deep. That’s why we’ve created this fail-safe checklist for you to keep handy as you browse and buy your first piece of art.
Still wrapped leaned on the wall Pink Bubbly
Selecting a painting to fill your walls is as much a practice of artistry as it is interior design.
Both on left and right leaning on the wall Next Stop Capri
Let the space inform you
Selecting a painting to fill your walls is as much a practice of artistry as it is interior design. That’s why it’s important to feel the space and let it guide your decision. Spatial design considers composition, color, lighting, and more. Think about which wall(s) will house the art and spend some time letting the space inspire what you’d like those walls to say.
Leaning to a wall Perfecto
Identify the statement piece
Part of the design process includes furniture selection – couches, tables, chairs – and it’s important to have just one statement piece per room. That means, if you have a statement couch (think bold color, unique shape, or simply by virtue of size), then your art should be complimentary and not competing for drama. The same is true the other way around, if your décor is somewhat straightforward, then perhaps the art will be the big focal point.
Leaning to a wall Perfecto
Select a size
Art is one of those cases where size does matter. If you’ve got a large bare wall in a big open space, it wouldn’t make sense to choose a small canvas. Keep in mind that the painting you choose for that big wall will not only fill it in size but will fill the space with color and character. Alternatively, if you have a big wall in long, narrow hallway, an oversized painting might overpower and crowd the space. See what we mean? Size matters.
Hanging on the wall and the detail image Lucky Charms
Choose a palette or colorway
Whether it’s abstract or subject-oriented, a painting is filled with color and that color should match the space. The neat trick about matching is that color can be complementary (picking up on tones and shades to amplify them) or supplementary (enhancing what is there by adding something different). There’s no right or wrong here, only preference.
Explore the possibilities
The wall, size, and palette are all chose, now it’s time to let your imagination run wild. You could very much choose any subject to hang as a backdrop or focal point and it can be an on-the-noise piece, like a hamburger painting for your kitchen, or rolling waves to set the mood. Anything is possible!
Leaning on the counter Big Kahuna Burger
Define your subject
You’ve browsed and filled your cart with more pieces than you need, so now it’s time to narrow down the category you’d like to draw from. Humor, fashion, nostalgic items, and cultural relics, each drawing from lifestyle and interests so that your piece can express a part of who you are or what you love. But if subject-oriented art is too specific, try abstract, it’s the perfect way to fill a wall with color, tone, and texture. Whatever you decide, pick something that reflects you.
Pick Your Frame
Whether you’re investing in a big-ticket item or feeling slightly more budget-conscious, whatever you do, don’t skip out on framing. Those perfect pieces are waiting to be checked out and hung, so go ahead and decide if you’d like white, black, walnut, or oak. Shipped ready to hang, your gorgeously framed piece is 7-10 days away from finding its home.
Hang it now
If we have one last piece of advice to impart, it’s that art must be hung right away. It’s the last step to finishing your home or office and it is the final step that truly makes your space feel complete. Tie it all together with art… hang it now.
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