California Collection
There’s something about California that just brings out the west coast lover in all of us. Malibu, San Fran, the City of Angels—each city fills your mind with picturesque scenery, nostalgic keepsakes, Old Hollywood, and laidback living and brings out the dizzying dreamer in all of us.
Seen in the entryway Beverly Hills Hotel
Our California Collection captures that essence and lets you to bring a little piece into your home.
The Quintessential Keepsake
California means something different to everyone. If you close your eyes, you can imagine anything from a celebrity-studded affair to long-haired surfers catching the next big wave. Whatever it is, you can’t deny that there are certain iconic locations that shaped the city. From its light-up sign to the matchbox, nothing says LA like the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Leaning to a wall Pink Matchbox
The Fantasy
Selecting a painting to fill your walls is as much a practice of artistry as it is interior design. That’s why it’s important to feel the space and let it guide your decision. Spatial design considers composition, color, lighting, and more. Think about which wall(s) will house the art and spend some time letting the space inspire what you’d like those walls to say.
Leaning to a wall Once Upon a Time at Chateau Marmont
The Romance
Hollywood has been romanticized for half a century and with that love affair comes the nostalgia for times past. Everything from the stunningly crafted vintage cars to old film memorabilia, the romance can be kept alive by with tasteful art that captures our beloved Golden State.
The Laidback Living
Long walks, beach promenades, and drop-top coastal drives, California’s relaxed pace is more than just sunshine and fresh air, it’s a way of life. Bring the natural beauty and laidback vibes into your space by hanging palm trees and blue skies on your walls.
Leaning on the top shelf Fan Palm
The West Coast Flavors
A creative landscape filled with contemporary tech experts, innovators, artists, and a multitude of aspiring talent, California is more than just the entertainment industry… did we mention the food? So many mouth-watering restaurants, whether you’re a foodie or a fast-foodie, California grub certainly gets its own star on the map.
Leaning to a wall Side of Fries
Whether it’s nostalgia for a trip you took once upon a time or a place that holds significant meaning for you, California induces that dizzying dreamer in all of us.





(1.5" Depth)


(2" Depth)

12" x 18"

13.5" x 19.5"

16" x 24"
17.5" x 25.5"
24" x 36"
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40" x 60"
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